Services for Companies

Advising companies in their strategic decisions and operational choices is our business.

Businesses, whether commercial, liberal or industrial, cannot operate in ignorance of the legislative and regulatory environment in which they must evolve and develop.

Regulations, which may be national, European or international in origin, must be taken into account by the head of the company, the law must become a tool at the service of the company, it must enable its creation, facilitate its development, organise its evolution and transmission and manage conflicts or crisis situations.

Helping our clients to acquire a fair appreciation of their situation and to make the right decisions at the right time. We define ourselves as business advisors: our lawyers are committed to our clients by providing them with information and advice and by defending their interests over the long term.

Our firm offers a recognized quality of service

Our quality of service is based on:
  • The vision and the treatment of all the needs
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Clear and concrete legal and fiscal solutions
  • An approach that takes into account our clients' economic and financial data
  • A permanent accompaniment

Excellent technology at the service of our customers In order to meet all expectations and all aspects of an issue, whatever the problem they encounter, we offer our clients a comprehensive service in terms of advice and litigation. This approach guarantees our clients:

  • A global vision and treatment of their needs
  • Consistency of the proposed solutions
  • Controlling the consequences of suggested decisions
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
1-Our firm’s mission

Because ignorance of the legal rules can lead to irreversible consequences for any company, our mission is to:

  • Determine with the entrepreneurs the feasibility of their projects
  • To inform them of their rights and obligations in the light of constantly changing legal rules
  • To provide them with the legal guarantee enabling them to create and protect their structure
  • To defend them in case of litigation.

Ourfirm operates in all sectors of community life (Crafts, Commerce, Industry, Services). Whatever the field of intervention, we advise and accompany the entrepreneurs throughout theirlegal life (creation or takeover, management or development, transfer or transmission, prevention or recovery, cessation of activity). We advise the entrepreneurs with the following:
  • In the choice of the type of activity (commercial, artisanal, liberal or other...)
  • In the choice of the social form of the company (eurl, sarl, sa, sas, snc...)
  • In the choice of the tax status of the company (tax system ...)
  • In the choice of the company’s location (domiciliation, premises ...)
  • In the choice of the entrepreneur’s personal status (majority or minority manager, employee, matrimonial regime, etc.)
  • In the company’s day-to-day management (meetings of corporate bodies, boards of directors and shareholders' meetings, etc.)
  • Modification of the company’s structures (capital increases or reductions, mergers, demergers, contributions, etc.), and the creation of new companies.

Our firm can also validate and/or draw up all the acts related to the creation of the companyincluding:

  • The articles of association
  • Shareholders' agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Registration of trademarks, patents, designs and models.
  • -Through negotiation, mediation, participative procedure, arbitration or litigation, the company defends the company with respect to all its interlocutorssuch as:

    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Donors
    • Competitors
    • Administrations
    • Pension and health organizations